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The Carrollton Wind Symphony is an advanced performing group that is currently playing some of the most difficult music written for band. We typically perform 4-6 times a year and strive to maintain a sense of community by performing all over the Metroplex.


Anyone wishing to join the Carrollton Wind Symphony must contact the director at director@carrolltoncommunityband.org. Your email should contain information regarding your musical education and training, as well as your performing experience. In order to qualify, you must be an actively performing musician who is capable of playing advanced band literature. The Carrollton Wind Symphony is not a group for non-current or new come-back musicians. A formal audition may be required at the discretion of the director/conductor. Upon being invited to sit in with The Carrollton Wind Symphony, the Section Leader will introduce you to the section, the director and other members of the band. It is the responsibility of the Section Leader to make a final determination of a prospective member’s ability to play the music and to gain membership with The Carrollton Wind Symphony.


The Carrollton Wind Symphony is a serious ensemble; and as such, it expects that only people who can commit to rehearsals and performances join us. If too many rehearsals are missed, you will be asked to audition your part or to sit out that concert. We understand and accept pre-arranged absences and if you can't perform for a particular concert, you don't have to attend rehearsals for that performance.


The Carrollton Wind Symphony rehearses on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Blalack Middle School in Carrollton . The school is located at 1706 Peters Colony in Carrollton. Please feel free to email us with your questions at information@carrolltoncommunityband.org.










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